Chanyang Park is the Jazz Pianist and singer who currently studying Jazz Piano and Jazz vocal at the Prins Claus Conservatoire in Groningen,  Netherlands.

she studied under Lex jasper , Jasper soffer, Marc van roon , Rob van bavel  for Piano,  Marjorie Barnes and Francien van Tuinen for singing.  Netherlands. She used to study classical piano at University  in Korea and graduated in 2014. Her broad knowledge of classical music gives her a certain sensitivity of sound. The great technical range enables her to change quickly from a light sounding to an orchestral sounding piano. She is mainly influenced by Jazz and pop music that has a strong relation to groove. This is why Chanyang Park likes to enrich her playing by singing. When some tunes are just played instrumentally, it seems like a perfect symbiosis when she adds her warm voice to her playing